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calm down. come home. relax. for more than 20 years, raphaël marionneau has been successfully slowing down his fans’ everyday lives. his relaxing club or cultural events – combined under the umbrella brand abstrait – and his work as a label owner, chillout and radio-dj contrast the rapid changes of our multimedia epoch with a modern interpretation of slowness. 

in 1996, raphaël pioneered the chillout culture in hamburg by inventing le café abstrait. having moved from nantes to northern germany just three years before, raphaël gave hamburg its first monthly chillout club at the internationally renowned mojo club:  the legendary dance floor turned into a cosy chillout area for up to 400 laid-back nightlife connoisseurs each month. together they indulged in relaxation instead of ecstasy – a completely new aspect to clubbing and the birth of a new life style: the couch culture.

raphaël likes to step off the beaten track. seemingly contradictory collaborations encourage his creativity. among others, it is due to raphaël's commitment that classical music conquered nightclubs and – vice versa – club culture took over concert halls. with le classique abstrait, started at the mojo club in 2001 and continued in residence at konzerthaus dortmund in 2002, raphaël was one of the firsts who combined classical and club culture by playing dj sets with classical music only.

in the past decade, raphaël marionneau took his relaxing concept much further – to new places and spaces. like the firmament for example. in 2001, he launched le voyage abstrait at planetarium hamburg in cooperation with its managing director thomas kraupe. every month, their popular multimedia-show invites an audience of 250 people to see the universe reveal its best kept secrets. since more than 15 years, the space-show is now an institution and planetarium’s one of the most successful shows. since 2016,  it is too in residence at the zeiss gross-planetarium in berlin.

since 2006, raphaël performs le cinéma abstrait, a live-dj set as soundtrack on legendaries german silent movies like “the cabinet of dr. caligari” (1920), “nosferatu” (1922) “metropolis” (1927), “menschen am sonntag” (1929) or “der müde tod” (1928) and presented his musical interpretation on many film festivals in hamburg, berlin, new-york city, paris, bruxelles or madrid.

in addition to organising his own events, raphaël is internationally booked as a chillout and classic dj for cultural and business events or festival alike. his long booking list is adorned by important events such as a sunset gig at the legendary café del mar on ibiza (2001), the elbphilharmonie presentation (berlin, 2008), the jubilee hamburg kunsthalle - 10 years gallery of contemporary art (hamburg, 2007), the arena-rave sensation white (gelsenkirchen, 2006), salzburg music festival (2006), big chill festival (herefordshire, 2006), Juicy beat festival (dortmund), elbjazz festival hamburg (2011 & 2012), bachfest leipzig (2017 and 2018), dockville festival (hamburg,2017), etc.

during this very long period of time, raphaël has always been working as a radio-dj as well. from hamburg local radio FSK or internet pioneer cyberradio, he jumped to the national klassikradio with his conceptually different weekly show le classique abstrait from 2001 to 2003 and from 2014 to 2017. from december 2004 to march 2015, he found his new home base at NDR's young radio station N-JOY and presented every sunday night his two-hour-show n-joy abstrait. N-JOY broadcasted the archived shows until 2019. 

since many years, raphaël’s show abstrait is weekly broadcasted on chill (uk), mallorca sunshine live and inselradio mallorca (balearic islands), zen fm (belgium) or play emotions (italy) and many more. his radio show on mixcloud is one of the most listened chillout mixes over the world.

during the past twenty years raphaël compiled more than 35 releases mainly on his own label. he started off in the year 2000 with the first part of le café abstrait. in the meantime, the releases has developed into a very successful series with volume 13 being launched in 2019. other album-series banned the specific sound-worlds of events such as le classique abstrait or le voyage abstrait. whether sunny, spherical or classical – they all have amazing chilling effects on the audience.


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